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CoC APR Revisions: HMIS Programming Specifications

Date Published: August 2013


This document provides Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) vendors programming guidance for the only changes to the CoC Annual Performance Report (APR) that are planned by HUD until the release of final, new HMIS Data Standards. The changes in this document are solely applicable to questions 23, 24, and 36.

All business rules and logic previously published are still in effect for the remainder of the APR. This document should be considered a supplement to existing specifications for the full CoC APR programming.

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CoC APR Revisions: HMIS Programming Specifications (PDF)

  • CoC: Continuum of Care Program
  • SRO: Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program
  • S+C: Shelter Plus Care Program
  • SHP: Supportive Housing Program
Reporting System:
  • HMIS: Homeless Management Information System
Resource Approver:
  • HUD Approved
Author Organization:
  • HUD
  • Reporting and Monitoring
    • HMIS