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eCon Planning Suite: Preparing an Annual Action Plan in IDIS OnLine Webinar

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This webinar, held June 27, 2012, provides a one-hour orientation on preparing a Annual Action Plan in IDIS OnLine without a Consolidated Plan in the system. This presentation provides basic information needed to set up and complete a standalone Annual Action Plan in IDIS. The webinar is designed for those in the middle of a multi-year Consolidated Planning cycle and are interested in using IDIS OnLine to prepare and submit the next Annual Action Plan.

Webinar participants will:

• Learn how to set up a stand-alone Annual Action Plan

• Understand what data is required from an approved Consolidated Plan to feed the Annual Action Plan and CAPER.

• Learn about the efficiencies of completing an Annual Action Plan in IDIS OnLine, even in the middle of your 3 to 5-year planning cycle.

This webinar was delivered on June 27, 2012 as a part of the Ready, SET, Go! webinar series.

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eCon Planning Suite: Preparing an Annual Action Plan in IDIS OnLine Webinar (HTML)

  • CDBG Colonias Set-Aside Program
  • CDBG Entitlement Program
  • CDBG HUD Administered Non-Entitled Counties in Hawaii Program
  • CDBG Insular Area Program
  • CDBG State Program
  • ESG: Emergency Solutions Grants Program
  • HOME: HOME Investment Partnerships Program
  • HOPWA: Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Program
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  • ConPlan: Consolidated Plan
  • IDIS: Integrated Disbursement and Information System
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  • HUD Approved
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  • HUD
  • Financial and Grants Management
    • IDIS
  • Planning and Coordination
    • Master Planning or Comprehensive Planning Process
    • Place-Based Strategies
  • Reporting and Monitoring
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