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eCon Planning Suite: Introduction to CPD Maps Webinar

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This webinar, held May 23, 2012, provides a one-hour orientation to CPD Maps, one component of the eCon Planning Suite. CPD Maps is a publicly available web-based mapping tool that supports data-driven place-based planning and is connected to the Consolidated Plan template in IDIS.

During this presentation, participants learn how to:

• Use the Guide Me Wizard to choose a grantee jurisdiction or unit of general local government and zoom to that location on the map

• Use the Map Selection tool to:

o Choose preset maps

o Create custom maps using the available data layers

o Change data layer settings

• Use the identify tool to view underlying data for layers displayed on the map

• Use the Reports tool to generate an Excel-based report of from the CPD Maps database

• Use the Map Query tool to find areas with similar characteristics

• Print and save maps

This webinar was delivered on May 23, 2012 as a part of the Ready, SET, Go! webinar series.

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eCon Planning Suite: Introduction to CPD Maps Webinar (HTML)

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  • ConPlan: Consolidated Plan
  • IDIS: Integrated Disbursement and Information System
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  • HUD Approved
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  • HUD
  • Financial and Grants Management
    • IDIS
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