HMIS Guides and Tools

These resources are intended to assist Continuum of Care (CoC) Program grantees, HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program grantees, and Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration (VHPD) Program grantees, and HMIS vendors in designing, implementing, and maintaining an HMIS. Resources available include templates and tools, sample policies and procedures, training modules, and manuals.

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CoC Grantees Resources

CoC Program Funding for HMIS User Guide and FAQs

This user guide provides an overview of HMIS and the CoC’s responsibilities in relation to HMIS, and describes how CoC Program funds can be used by the HMIS Lead and by other recipients to support the implementation of HMIS.

Date Published: August 2012

HMIS Budgeting and Staffing Toolkit

This document provides an overview of eligible activities that can be funded within SHP budget categories, presents a variety of funding strategies, and discusses alternative staffing models.

Date Published: March 2011

HMIS Data Quality Monitoring Toolkit

This toolkit provides CoCs, HMIS lead agencies, and homeless service providers with guidance and tools needed to develop a community-level HMIS data quality plan. This toolkit will assist in the development of a data quality plan and protocols for ongoing data quality monitoring. 

Date Published: August 2010

HMIS Data Warehousing Curricula

These curricula and resource documents serve as guides for communities interested in developing a data warehouse. A data warehouse is a central database integrating information from more than one source of the same type of system and/or from more than one source of different systems. A warehouse rearranges the data into a schema  that allows for more effective and efficient reporting and analysis.

Date Published: October 2008

HMIS Project Management Topics and Tools

This resource provides guidance to CoCs implementing HMIS in their communities and assists HMIS project managers by describing primary tasks associated with managing an HMIS and providing sample documents to support those activities. 

Date Published: May 2010

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS): Summary of Changes from the 2004 to the 2010 Notice

These tables are intended to provide grantees, subgrantees, and HMIS System Administrators with an understanding of the changes from the 2004 HMIS Data Standards to the 2010 Standards.

Date Published: June 2010

e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects

The e-snaps APR Guidebook for HMIS Dedicated Projects is intended to assist with the data entry into e-snaps for HMIS dedicated projects funded under the SHP and CoC Programs, and will only review those questions required for HMIS dedicated projects.

Date Published: August 2012

Worksheet for HMIS Software Capacity Evaluation

This tool is designed to help CoC and HMIS staff assess if a HMIS meets the community's data collection and usage needs. This tool can identify areas for needed change or support the development of functional requirements for a RFP for HMIS vendors.

Date Published: October 2010

2012 HIC and PIT Data Submission Guidance

This document provides information to CoCs on how to successfully submit their 2012 HIC and PIT Count data to HUD.

Date Published: March 2012

Emergency Solutions Grants Program: Preparing for HMIS Participation Webinar

This webinar was designed to assist CoCs in understanding and implementing the steps necessary to prepare ESG recipients and subrecipients for meeting HMIS participation requirements.

Date Published: October 2011

AHAR Part 1: An Introduction to the Data Collection Process Webinar

This webinar includes an overview of data collected for AHAR, how to submit data via the HDX, and key terms and dates for the AHAR process.

Date Published: October 2011

AHAR Part 2: Steps to a Successful Data Submission Webinar

This webinar provides HUD guidance for the 2011 AHAR; tips for reviewing and proofing your data; and how to work with your AHAR Data Collector.

Date Published: October 2011

HMIS System Administrator Training: HMIS 101: Modules 1-4

The HMIS System Administrator Training series provides staff with the basic information needed to operate or participate in an HMIS.

Date Published: August 2011

HMIS Federal Partner Grantees Resources

VA HMIS Participation Memo

This resource is a VA issued memo describing the VA's plan to fully participate in HMIS.

Date Published: December 2010

VA Initiates Participation in HMIS for VA-funded Programs

In June of 2010 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released a Strategic Plan that identified thirteen major initiatives, one of which is the Elimination of Veteran Homelessness. As a result of this federal strategic direction and coordination, VA-funded homeless assistance providers will begin participating in the local HMIS within each CoC.

Date Published: December 2010

Veteran Homelessness: A Supplemental Report to the 2010 AHAR to Congress

This annual supplemental report is intended to provide policymakers, practitioners, and the general public with information about the extent and nature of veteran homelessness.

Date Published: October 2011

Veteran Homelessness: A Supplemental Report to the 2009 AHAR to Congress

This annual supplemental report is intended to provide policymakers, practitioners, and the general public with information about the extent and nature of veteran homelessness.

Date Published: December 2010

VA HMIS National Call Training Webinar

The VA National Call Training provides an understanding of the core concepts of a VA Participation in the HMIS. The training provides an overview of the VA's Long-Term HMIS and Data Management Plans. It also reviews the data collection requirements for each of the VA programs, Grant and Per Diem, HUD- VASH, and SSVF.

Date Published: May 2011

VHPD HMIS Data Quality Standards and Policies

This document summarizes HMIS data quality standards and policies so that data submitted portrays valid and true information.

Date Published: May 2011

VHPD HMIS Data Collection Template Instructions

This document provides data collection instructions for data required to be collected for VHPD.

Date Published: May 2011

VHPD Summary of Data Standard Applicability and Collection Requirements

This document provides a list of data standards that establish uniform definitions for the types of information to be collected and protocols for when data is collected and from whom.

Date Published: May 2011

VHPD HMIS Data: Program Intake Form

This is a blank VHPD HMIS Data: Program Intake Form.

Date Published: May 2011

VHPD HMIS Data: Program Exit Form

This is a blank VPHD HMIS Data: Program Exit Form.

Date Published: May 2011

HMIS Vendor Resources

ESG CAPER Reporting: HMIS Programming Requirements

This guide provides HMIS Software Providers with the requirements necessary to generate the CAPER on the ESG Program, specifically section "CR-65 ESG Persons Assisted".

Date Published: January 2013

ESG CAPER Aggregation Tool

The tool provides a set of Excel files that enable an ESG recipient to aggregate ESG CAPERs from multiple subrecipients, when it is not possible for the ESG recipient to generate a single ESG CAPER in HMIS.

Date Published: August 2013

ESG CAPER Generation Tool

This tool is a resource to help HMIS vendors develop ESG CAPERs.

Date Published: August 2013

HMIS XML 3.0 Schema Directory

This resource is a directory of files related to the official HMIS XML Schema version 3.0. This schema version incorporated the March 2010 HMIS Data Standards.

Date Published: April 2010

CoC APR Programming Specifications

This document is intended to support and guide HMIS software providers as they embark on generating the HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) for homeless programs.

Date Published: March 2012

CoC APR Revisions: HMIS Programming Specifications

This document provides HMIS vendors programming guidance for changes to questions 23, 24, and 36 of the CoC APR. All business rules and logic previously published are still in effect for the remainder of the APR. This document should be considered a supplement to existing specifications for the full CoC APR programming.

Date Published: August 2013

APR Generation Tool

The APR Generation Tool can be used by grantees whose HMIS has not yet been programmed to generate an APR. This tool is a resource for vendors and communities to help them develop the CoC APRs. The Report Generation Tool can be used a) to understand the programming specifications in depth and b) as an option for programming the HMIS to generate an APR.

Date Published: March 2013

APR XML to CSV Parser

The APR XML to CSV Parser Utility is designed to be used by grantees to aid in the use of the APR Generation Tool.

Date Published: December 2011

CoC APR Questions Template

This is a template designed to assist grantees required to complete the Full CoC APR. It is a model of the data collected in e-snaps.

Date Published: April 2014

CoC Full APR Grant Guide

This document provides grantees, project sponsors and HMIS vendors with a list of the questions on the CoC APR that are required for each grant (SHP, S+C and SRO) and component type.

Date Published: June 2011